Past and present

So you want to be a songwriter?

I've been writing songs since I was in high school (which was a LONG time ago).  I didn't write for a lot of years but I got inspired to take it back up once we started the Dirt Storm Drifters.  After the Eclipse had 10 original songs on it and Lonesome Sky  will have 9.

People ask "What kind of music do you write?"  which is always a tough question.  I grew up listening to John Denver, James Taylor, Leo Kottke, CSNY, Dan Fogelberg, Led Zepplen, Grand Funk, ELP, Yes, Rush, Heart (need I go on?) so my "infuences" are pretty confusing.  But if I had to put a label on what we do, it would probably be folk, folk rock, and maybe Americana.  You'll just have to listen and decide for yourself.

Lately my wife has been after me to "come out" as a songwriter.  So next year we're going to hit the songwriter festival circuit and see what happens.